Odor Control With Permanganate Webinar

Wastewater odor complaints can happen at anytime and anyplace in the wastewater treatment process from lift stations and manholes in the collection system to the headworks or dewatering equipment at the wastewater plant.  How hydrogen sulfide and other odors form in a wastewater system and what issues they can cause in addition to complaints such as corrosion on equipment and infrastructure and worker safety issues will be discussed.  

In the collection system, applications will cover treatment at manholes with low flows with CAIROX® CR potassium permanganate tablets that keep everything below the manhole cover including a case study showing the equipment used and the results after treatment.  Collection system pump station applications for both immediate odor control  versus long term odor control will be discussed along with case studies showing how to determine whether CARUSOL® Sodium Permanganate or TOTALOX™ Odor Eliminator is the best fit for the issues you are having.  At the wastewater plant, treatment at the headworks with CARUSOL for immediate control or at the clarifiers with CAIROX® Nuggets for bulking and foaming issues will be covered.  Finally, sludge dewatering applications with CARUSOL® PLUS liquid permanganate for immediate odor control at belt presses and centrifuges will be shown with case studies detailing the before and after results of treatment.