Remediation Webinar Recordings

ISCO and Bioremediation in One Product

Oxygen BioChem (OBCTM)  is a specific blend of persulfate and calcium peroxide that allows for immediate ISCO treatment with pH and H 2 O 2 activation followed by bioremediation. Oxidative reactions are sustained for about two months followed by residual calcium peroxide and sulfates... Leer más

Alternatives for Aerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Aerobic bioremediation enhances dissolved oxygen (DO) contents in groundwater to boost biological degradative activities. IXPER® Calcium Peroxide and Oxygel are two different aerobic bioremediation reagents used at sites with specific conditions: IXPER for... Leer más

A Modernized Stabilization Technology for DNAPL with ISGS®

In situ treatment of contamination in the environmental remediation market has emerged as one of the most sought-after options on the road to site closure. Typically when in situ treatment options exist for a subject site, they are less invasive, limit human contact with contamination,... Leer más

Treatment of Complex Chlorinated Sites

Complex remediation sites that require source and plume treatment often require multiple technologies and implementation strategies in order to be successful.  In this webinar, sites are presented where RemOx® L was utilized to treat source area mass using... Leer más

In Situ Fracturing Analysis for Optimization of Sodium Permanganate

In Situ Fracturing Analysis Using the High-Resolution Injection Tool for Design Optimization of Sodium Permanganate Injection Injection below soil fracture pressure is critical to maximize contact and distribution between reagents such as sodium permanganate and contaminants of concern... Leer más

Optimizing a Combined Remedy Using Traditional and High-Resolution Techniques

In this webinar recording a Superfund Site case study is used to highlight ways that a combined remedy at a chlorinated solvent site can be optimized to accelerate the remediation timeframe.  The remedy at this site is a combination of vapor extraction, excavation, in situ chemical... Leer más

Permanganate and Persulfate for In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Water Treatment Applications

Geosyntec has developed a novel in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) method utilizing manganese oxides to activate sodium persulfate (MnAP). This innovative method was developed based on the hypothesis that manganese oxides can activate persulfate as demonstrated in recent academic literature... Leer más

Controlled Jet Injection for High Mass Potassium Permanganate

This webinar focuses on rapid, high-mass emplacement of RemOx® S ISCO reagent (potassium permanganate) via Controlled Jet Injection, FRx 's unique set of tools and methods for on-target distribution of remedial amendments to the target treatment zone... Leer más

Soil Blending Techniques Achieve Stringent Treatment Goals

Several case studies are presented for soil blending with RemOx® S and RemOx® L ISCO reagents (potassium and sodium permanganate). In all cases, substantial savings over dig-and-haul or thermal treatment were obtained while... Leer más

Advantages of ABC-Olé over Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO)

ABC-Olé is a mixture of emulsified fatty acid esters, fast-acting organic substrate, and pH buffers, all in one product. In most applications, there is no need to purchase and mix additional amendments.  Leer más