Carus offers Kiwa certified drinking water solutions

Carus Corporation’s CARUSOL® liquid permanganate is now Kiwa certified for use in drinking water applications. Carus Corporation serves utilities around the world, offering proven solutions for protecting and improving water quality. Carus’ AQUOX® Free Flowing Grade potassium permanganate also received Kiwa recertification in late 2015.

The Kiwa certificate declares that both Carus products and production facility meet Kiwa’s internationally recognized hygienic requirements and quality standards. The procedure for obtaining an independent Kiwa certificate involved an extensive toxicological product evaluation, based on which the product criteria were set. The product criteria were verified through an inspection of Carus’ production facility and a laboratory examination of the product to test for heavy metal concentrations. Regular, yearly inspections will continue in order to maintain certification and ensure hygienic requirements and quality standards are met.

CARUSOL® liquid permanganate is an effective oxidant, now certified for use in drinking water applications.  Much like Carus’ AQUOX® Free Flowing Grade potassium permanganate, CARUSOL is an oxidant used in numerous applications, including treatment of drinking water, wastewater, and industrial process chemicals.

Kiwa was formed in 1948 to boost the quality of products utilized in the drinking water sector. The certification trajectory ensures that the quality of these products is visible to the market. With offices in twelve countries, Kiwa provides independent auditing services and certifications for products and services distributed throughout the world. For more information about Kiwa, visit

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